• SIJIE Worm Screw Jack

    SJ Worm Screw JackSJ worm screw jack has 10 kinds model for customers choose, load capacity is from 2 tons to 100 tons as standard, self-locking acme screw. Lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and rolling linear motions, electric driven,manual operated or both are available.Single unit, in pairs or Multi-units arrangement available.

  • SIJIE Machine Screw Jack

    SJM Machine Screw JackSJM worm screw jack has 9 kinds model for customers choose,load capacity is from 25KN to 1200KN as standard, self-locking acme screw.Max. input is 1500rpm, Max. lifting speed is 2700mm/min, working temperature is -20-100℃. Individually or multiple screw jack lift system arrangements are available.Screw top end are top plate,clevis end,threaded end,plain end.

  • SIJIE Cubic Screw Jack

    SJC Cubic Screw JackSJC cubic screw jack is also called European type screw jack. Cubic jack housing design,self locking acme screw without braking mechanism.9 kinds model for customers choose, load capacity is from 5KN to 450KN as standard. Anti-backlash nut device available, special custom design available. Electric driven,manual operated or both are available.

  • SIJIE Ball Screw Jack

    SJB Ball Screw JackSJB ball screw jack has 7 kinds of models for your selection, load capacity is from 10KN to 300KN. Ball lifting screw without self-locking. High speed, high precision,high efficiency, high duty cycle,high frequency operation,low drive torque,long service life. Individually or multiple ball screw jack lift system arrangements are available.

  • SIJIE Bevel Gearbox

    SJ Bevel GearboxSJ bevel gearbox is also called "T" type gearbox, it has 10 kinds of models for customer's selection. Spiral Bevel Gear, Gear Ratio are 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1. Drive Shaft are 2 way, 3 way, 4 way. Working temperature is -20ºC~+80ºC, noise level is less than 80dB, rotate direction are clockwise, anti-clockwise. Working efficiency is 95%.

  • SIJIE Miter Gearbox

    SJV Miter GearboxSJV miter gearbox is cubic body design, right angles change transmission directions and power, working efficiency is 95%-98%. 2 way,3 way,4 way gearboxes are available. 7 kinds of models for customers' selection.Gear Ratio are 1:1, 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1. clockwise, anti-clockwise are available.

  • Screw Jack System

    Screw Jack SystemScrew Jack System is usually used for lifting heavy duty load or lifting platform. Screw Jack System mainly includes screw jack, bevel gearbox, electric motor, connecting rod coupling, gear reducer. Clients can choose two jacks system, three jacks system, four jacks system, six jacks system, eight jacks system for your practical application.

  • Non-standard Screw Jack

    Non-standard Screw JackNon-standard screw jack is also called special screw jack. Stainless steel screw jack, double screw end screw jack, electric control system screw jack are both available. We can also design the screw jacks according to customers’ requirement and drawings. We can offer customers 3D drawings for reference.