Technical Date
1: Screw Jack Selection Calculation
V(mm/min): Lifting speed     RPM(r/min): Motor input speed
P(mm): Screw Jack Pitch     I: Screw Jack Gear Ratio

P(KW): Driving Power                G(KG): Lifting Load
V( m/min )=Lifting Speed              f: Screw Jack Transmission efficiency

(3) T=P*9550/RPM
T(N.m): Driving Torque:   P(KW):Input Power   RPM(r/min): Motor input speed

2: Screw Jack Lateral Force
Usually, Screw Jack only lift axial load,any lateral force will make the screw jack’ working life become shorter. When having lateral force, we advise to use an external guide rail.

3: Bevel Gearbox Structures
Bevel Gearbox internal structure: Spiral bevel gears are vertical mounted, right angle or 90 degree to change transmission directions. SIJIE alloy steel spiral bevel gears is case-hardened, and it is of high rigidity and wear resistance.

4: Screw Jack Applications Field 
 *Stamping fastening device lifting platform, rolling devices, Test instrument lifting platform.
 *Flapper adjustments, Transport pipes or plate position adjustment.
 * Adjustment thin film thickness of plastic machine.
 *Height adjustment of roller systems on a conveyor system.
 *Opening and closing of high temperature furnaces
 * Adjustment the height of plastic containers blown machinery mound
 * De molding of cast concrete models or molds.
 * Lifting stage, Adjustment the height of Operating table and swimming pool.
 * Lifting and lowering of Sluice gates
 * Adjustment of satellite dishes. Adjustment for solar plant stand